Segmenten technologie

Segmenten technologie

Segmenten technologie

Segmenten technologie: Het grote aantal matrijzen met de spanschroeven worden vervangen door segmenten, waarin de perskamers zitten. Voordelen zijn meerdere stations en kortere omwisseltijden!

Minimized product loss, higher output quantities and reduction in changeover times of up to 88 percent – segment technology provides major advantages for every user. The technology allows for quick converting of tablet presses.

Segments replace the turret’s conventional die tables as well as the dies. A major advantage of this technology: segments can be removed from the turret by loosening just two locking screws. Depending on size, 3, 5 or 7 elements are required for each turret.

All die bores are incorporated directly into the segments – dies and their fastening screws are superfluous. In this way, the overall number of parts required is significantly reduced. An example: for a type 2090i tablet press, in future only three dies and a total of six screws will be required, rather than 47 dies and 47 screws.

Manual adjustment also becomes unnecessary

In addition, thanks to the precise construction of the setting screws, the manual adjustment of segment and die is unnecessary. Additional time is saved in particular in mounting form punches. Inaccuracies in the directional positioning of oval or other non-symmetrical formats no longer arise.
Up to 80 percent more stations.

Previously, the number of punches on a die table was limited by the die screws required. With segments, the space between die bores is significantly smaller. This space saving allows an increase of up to 80 percent in the number of stations on each turret (depending on tablet format).

Switching the equipment to segment technology is very easy. Production parameters do not need to be amended: even the filling process remains the same. In addition, the punches can be reused.

FETTE Segmenten Technologie

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