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R&D Fluid Bed Systeem

R&D Fluid Bed Systeem

R&D Fluid Bed System

R&D excellence is possible at any size!

R&D is all about great ideas – and the people behind them. That is why we have literally put them into the center of our laboratory fluid bed system. Incorporating our innovative wrap-around design, everything is at the right place – in front of the creative mind!

We have developed the QUEST FB II with the target to raise the bar for performance, flexibility, handling and operational safety in the global market.

Let’s develop the future together!

R&D Fluid Bed Systeem

Drying, Granulation and Coating - Everything you need...


A wide range of process inserts, covering batch sizes from a few hundred grams up to 5 kg, provide maximum flexibility for developing new products and processes. With our plug-in process containers and a product filter system for continuous fluidization, it has never been easier!

Complex technology made easy..

Easy to operate...

Charging and discharging the QUEST FB II is a simple task: Just slide the process insert to the side and tilt it for easy charging and discharging.

Easy to service...

All mechanical perts are easily accessible from the back, filters as well as utility connections on one side and the integrated electrical control panel on the other.

Result: a clean machine layout that allows for convenient access to all the important parts - and all in one compact size!

Easy to clean...

a clear requirement during development of the QUEST FB II was easy cleaning. The result is a completely free standing machine tower incorporating a bottom drain, multiple cleaning nozzel ports and easy access for inspection.

Easy to move...

A mobile lab unit that will only fit through a door after a time consuming and complicated disassembly? No way - with the QUEST FB II you simply unlock the filter housing, rotate it by 180° and you are good to go - a truly wll thought-out and operator-friendly system!

Everything you ever wanted! ... and some extras, too.

Don´t like dust?

Neither do we! With our contained product filter change sytem we have reduced dust emission to a minimum. Convenient and safe for your operator!

Think big!

As a standard, the QUEST FB II comes equipped with the newly developed ACG X·ONE COMMAND process control system and a full size, perfectly adjustable 19 inch control panel. Established in our X·ONE production size machines, the QUEST FB II offers exactly the same level of functionality - all in CFR 21 Part 11 and GAMP 5 compliant system.

Production of clinical samples?

No problem with the QUEST FB II. Multi-stage process air filter as well as FDA approved materials for product and process gas contacting surfaces, combined with a fully validated process control system, give you unlimited possibilities.

Unrivaled safety of 12 bar - officially approved!

The QUEST FB II is designed for any kind of environment. Whether you are working with aqueous or solvent based products, the QUEST FB II can handle it - thanks to the 12 bar ATEX compliant design. Jointly developed with our German engineering partner XERTECS, the QUEST FB II sets the standard for safety. Don´t settle for less!

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