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BMP 200 Blister machine

BMP 200 Blister machine

Heino Ilsemann Blistermachine type BMP 200

Blistermachine type BMP 200 for thermo forming and cold forming with ergonomically designed feeding area prepared for either automatic or manual fedding

The continuous horizontal product flow subsequent to filling allows for packaging a multitude of products different in size and shape.

Due to the machine’s sturdy and efficient construction you can expect a flexible, reliable and economical automation of your packaging process.

Capacity: max. output 300 blisters/min.
Technical Information

Forming material width

max. 160 mm

Usable punching area

150 x 120 mm

Usable forming area

150 x 120 mm

Drawing depth

max. 12 mm

Forming cycles

max. 75 / min


max. 300 blisters / min

Ø Forming foil

max. 500 mm

Ø Lidding foil

max. 300 mm

Ø Core

76 mm / 3”

Product feeding

manual or
fully automatic


  1. Hopper and linear oscillating conveyor (option)
  2. Brush box (option)
  3. Roller feeding system (option)
  4. Slip-off brush (option)
  5. Blister inspection system (option)
  6. Control panel
  7. Sealing station
  8. Lidding material
  9. Blister outfeed
  10. Punching station
  11. Perforation station (option)
  12. Coding station / embossing station (option)
  13. Forming material
  14. Heating station
  15. Forming station
  16. Pin hole detection (option)

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