kartonneermachine type CMP100 / CMP100S

kartonneermachine type CMP100 / CMP100S

kartonneermachine van HEINO ILSEMANN

type CMP100 / CMP100S

HEINO ILSEMANN kartonneermachine type CMP100 / CMP100S

High speed cartoner dedicated to suit the particular requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

The continuously working machine is designed for a wide range of formats and cartoning of pharmaceutical products of all kind, with or without leaflet insert.

From the machine’s sturdy and efficient construction you can expect a flexible, reliable and economical automation of your packaging process.

Due to the continuous horizontal product flow after filling the cartoner is ideal for packaging pharmaceutical products of all kind

CMP-100: max. output 200 cartons/min.

CMP-100S: max. output 300/350 cartons/min.
Technical Information

CMP-100                     CMP-100 S


25 – 100 mm               25 – 105 mm


15 – 90 mm                 15 – 100 mm


85 – 200 mm               65 – 150 mm


max. 200                      max. 300/350
cycles / min.                 cycles / min.


In accordance with your specific application the machine can be customized with selected options:

  • leaflet folding station (sheet or roll)
  • leaflet insertion device for pre-folded leaflets
  • code reader for leaflets or folding boxes
  • coding station
  • leaflet presence detection
  • labelling machine
  • Marking by means of embossing

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