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Trinity Blister Packing Machine

Sailent Features

  • Touch screen panel with product receipe
  • Full cGMP compliance
  • Minimum footprint
  • Servo Control drive ensuring clean & low noise functioning
  • Flat Blisters - No bend
  • Provision for downstream automation with good pack diverter
  • Versatile to major thermo formable & cold formable materials like PVC, PVDC, Aclar, Opaque, Triplex, Duplex, Alu-Alu etc
  • Ergonomic design ensures operator comfort
  • Minimum setting parameters ensuring quick start
  • Machine equipped with safety interlocks, phase failure detection, splicing table and auto feeding stop arrangement
  • Easy placement of base & lidding material
  • Dedicated mechanical embossing station ensures high quality batch code details with embossing facility
  • Temperature setting through HMI


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