Q.bloxx XL A101

Q.bloxx XL A101

Universal Measurement Module Q.bloxx A101 XL

Q.bloxx XL A101

Modular Design for DIN Rail Mounting

The Q.bloxx XL series is designed for the high Speed, high Performance measurements found in today´s most demanding testing Environments. The DIN-rail Mount design of Q.bloxx XL provides the most flexibility and the most attractive price point, especially in smaller Systems. The ability to freely mix and distribute measurement modules provides the highest in Overall System adaptability and expandability.

Most important features:

◘  2 universal analog input channels
    voltage, current, resistance, potentiometer, RTD, thermocouple,
  strain gage (full-, half-, and quarter-bridge configuration), IEPE
◘  2 digital inputs or outputs
    status, trigger, tare, alarm, command
◘  High accuracy digitalization
24 bit ADC, 100 kHz sample rate per channel

◘  Signal conditioning
    linearization, digital filter, average, scaling, min/max storage,
.   RMS, arithmetic, alarm
◘  3-Way galvanic isolation
    500 VDC channel to channel, channel to power supply, and bank
◘  RS485 fieldbus interface
up to 48 Mbps: LocalBus,
up to 112 kbps: Modbus-RTU, ASCII
◘  Connectable to Test Controller Q.station X
◘  Electromagnetic Compatibility according to EN61000-4 and EN55011
◘  Power supply 10 … 30 VDC
◘  DIN rail mounting (EN60715)


 Datasheet Q.bloxx XL A101

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