Q.bloxx A104

Q.bloxx A104

Multi Channel Module for thermocouples and Voltages Q.bloxx A104

Multi Channel Module for Thermocouples and Voltages

Q.bloxx A104

The Q.series has been designed for demanding measurements
found in todays most industrial measuring and testing
environments. The range of applications starts from single
stand-alone solutions up to networked multi-channel
applications in the field of component testing, engine testing,
process performance testing and structural monitoring.

The range and flexibility of the modules allows an optimized
solution for each single task:
Dynamic signal acquisition up to 100 kHz, inputs and outputs for
all types of signals, galvanic isolation of inputs and outputs,
multi-channel solutions, high density packaging and intelligent
signal conditioning.

Data exchange between Test Controller and automation level is
communicated via Ethernet TCP/IP or fieldbus systems like
EtherCAT or Profibus-DP and additional Ethernet-based
industrial standards.

Most important features:

◘ 8 galvanic isolated input channels
    thermocouples and voltages in the range of ±80 mV
 Isolation voltage 100 VDC
◘ Cold junction compensation
    good thermal coupling by means of cold junction compensation
 per connector
◘ Dynamic linearization
    optimized positioning of the interpolation points within the
 selected range, type B, E, J, K, L N, R, S, T, U
◘ High accuracy digitalization
    24 bit ADC, 100 Hz sample rate per channel,
◘ Signal conditioning
    digital filter, average, scaling, min/max storage, arithmetic, alarm
◘ RS485 fieldbus-interface
    up to 24 Mbps: LocalBus
.   up to 115.2 kbps: Modbus-RTU, ASCII
◘ Connectable to any Test Controller
    e.g. Q.station, Q.gate or Q.pac
◘ Galvanic isolation
    channels to power supply and to interface
 Isolation voltage 500 VDC
◘ Electromagnetic Compatibility
    according EN 61000-4 and EN 55011
◘ Power supply 10…30 VDC
◘ DIN rail mounting (EN 60715)

Datasheet Q.bloxx A104
Manual Q.bloxx


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