Q.station 101

Q.station 101

Test Controller Q.station 101

Test Controller Q.station 101

The Q.series has been designed for demanding measurements
found in today’s most industrial measuring and testing
environments. The range of applications starts from single
standalone solutions up to networked multi-channel applications
in the field of component testing, engine testing, process
performance testing and structural monitoring.

The range and flexibility of the modules allows an optimized
solution for each single task: Dynamic signal acquisition up to
100 kHz, in/outputs for all types of signals, galvanic isolation of
in/outputs, multi-channel solutions, high density packaging and
intelligent signal conditioning.

Data exchange between Test Controller and automation level is
communicated via Ethernet TCP/IP, CAN or fieldbus system
EtherCAT as well as master or slave. Further Ethernet based
industrial standards are in preparation.

Most important features:

◘ Very high data rates up to 100 kHz each channel
    100 kHz at 8 channels (2 each UART line), 10 kHz at 128 channels
◘ 64 Q.bloxx modules connectable
◘ Ethernet interface for configuration and data output
    1 Gig-E, TCP/IP, UDP, up to 16 MB/s
.   Modbus TCP/IP, ASCII, High Speed Port
.   Web server, web client and e-mail
◘ Fieldbus interface
    EtherCAT-Slave, 1024 variables read and write at 10 kHz
.   1 x CAN, 2 x USB 2.0, 4 MB/s
◘ Synchronization and time stamp of measurement values
    IRIG 2 based master slave principle on RS485 standard
 system synchronization ±1 µs applicable
◘ Data buffer memory dyn. 500 MByte, stat. 4 GByte
    expandable over USB (up to 1000000 measurements/s) and SD card
◘ 8 digital I/O
    direct connection of encoder for fast angle measurement
.   frequency , PWM and counter measurements, state signals
◘ Display (D versions)
    3.5” full VGA 480 x 640 pixel
◘ PAC functionality with extensive library (T versions)
    fast PID controllers, process control, data logging, transfer functions,
 mathematics, Boolean combinations, function generators
◘ 2 Versions
    display, 3,5“ VGA, PAC graphical programming
.   480×640, touch screen test.con, incl. HMI designer

Datasheet Q.station 101
Q.station - Manual

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