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Q.raxx EC D101 16SL

Q.raxx EC D101 16SL

Digital Measurement System Q.raxx EC D101-16 slimeline

Digital Measurement System Q.raxx EC D101-16 slimline

The Q.raxx slimline product is based on the standardized 19” technology, one rack unit (1 U) and is designed for measurements with a high level of flexibility, reliability and accuracy in the field of stationary testing and assembly.

This EC version includes a Test Controller that offers the user a powerful solution with PAC functionality, synchronized data acquisition, sequencing, mathematics, combinations a Ethernet TCP/IP interface as well as a EtherCAT fieldbus. It is possible to connect three slimline basic units to the Test Controller of a slimline EC unit.

Beside the pre-defined standard versions customized systems regarding numbers of channels, kind of measurement inputs/connectable sensors as well as the required connectors are configurable.

This modularity permits to design an optimized individual solution for any application. Further it is possible to mix different product lines like Q.raxx, Q.bloxx within Q.series..

Most important features :

◘ 12 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs
.   configurable as counter, frequency, PWM and time inputs,
.   frequency or PWM output, state in or output
◘ State in and outputs
.   process- and host controlled
◘ Frequency in and outputs
 frequency measurement up to 1 MHz (Chronos method),
.   frequency output up to 10 kHz
◘ Counter
 for/backward counter, quadrature counter with reference zero
.   recognition (reset/enable), up to 1 MHz
◘ PWM in and outputs
.   measurement of duty cycle and frequency, output with variable
 frequency and/or duty cycle
◘ Time measurement
◘ Power supply 10…30 VDC

extra features EC version because of embedded Test Controller:

◘ Optional fieldbus interface EtherCAT
.   EtherCAT according specification ETG,
.   254 read and 254 write variable with 10 kHz
◘ Ethernet interface for configuration and data output
◘ FTP Server and FTP Client functionality
.   configurable function
◘ High data rate over Ethernet
.   16 real variables with 10 kHz (block transfer)
.   64 real variables with 300 Hz (online
◘ Data buffer memory dyn. 16 MByte (RAM), stat. 128 MByte (flash)
.   data buffer at block transfer of measurements
◘ Connection of additional racks to the Test Controller
.   up to 3 slimline racks without Test Controller can be connected to a
 slimline EC system with embedded controller

Datasheet Q.raxx D101 16SL RS / EC

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