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Q.raxx A101

Q.raxx A101

Universal Measurement Plug-in Module Q.raxx A101

Universal Measurement Plug-in Module Q.raxx A101

The Q.raxx product is based on the standardized 19” technology and is designed for measurements with a high level of flexibility,
reliability and accuracy. The range of applications starts from small stand-alone solutions up to networked multi-channel
applications in the field of stationary testing and assembly.

The wide range of available plug-in modules and the flexibility of the system configuration allows an optimized solution for each
single task. Up to 13 plug-in modules in one system plus a Controller Unit provide a powerful package with PAC functionality, logging possibilities and an Ethernet TCP/IP interface.

Dynamic signal acquisition up to 100 kHz, inputs and outputs for all types of signals, galvanic isolation of inputs and outputs, multi-channel solutions, high density packaging and intelligent signal conditioning for all kind of test applications.

Most important features of the system:

◘ High density and flexibility
    up to 13 plug-in modules in one system in any constellation,
.   flexible plug selection
◘ Test Controller Q.station or Q.gate selectable
    Ethernet TCP/IP for configuration and data transfer,
.   EtherCAT, internal memory expandable by USB device,
 logging features, PAC functionality, IRIG synchronization
 for details please see separate Test Controller data sheets
◘ Robust and reliable
    stable and compact aluminum housing, easy to carry
.   electromagnetic compatibility according EN 61000-4 and EN 55011
.   Temperature range -20 up to +60°C
.   power supply 10 up to 30 VDC

Most important features of the plug-in A101:

◘ 2 universal analog input channels
    voltage, current, resistance, potentiometer, Pt100, Pt1000,
 thermocouples, full and half bridges, IEPE-sensors
◘ Fast high accuracy digitalization
    24 bit ADC, 100 kHz sample rate per channel
◘ 1 digital in or output per channel
    input: state, tare, memory reset, alarm, threshold
 output: state alarm, thresh hold
◘ Signal conditioning
    virtual channels, linearization, digital filter, average, scaling,
 min/max storage, RMS, arithmetic, alarm
◘ Galvanic isolation
    channel to channel to power supply and to interface, Viso 500 VDC

Datasheet Q.raxx A101

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