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Q.staxx D107

Q.staxx D107

Digital Measurement Module Q.staxx D107

Digital Measurement Module Q.staxx D107

To save setup time and thus expensive test costs, devices are largely prepared in the preparation or the workshop.
The sensors are being connected to the measuring system, joined by the supply and fieldbus.
Then, the whole device including the operational measuring system is brought to the test room on a pallet.
The test will be faster and saves a lot of preparation time inside the test room.

Most important features:

◘ 6 configurable digital inputs
 2 channels, each 3 differential or single-ended,
.   frequency, counter, PWM, state
◘ Adjustable thresholds 256 steps
.   differential inputs in the range of -20 V up to + 20 V,
.   single-ended inputs in the range of 0 V up to +26 V
◘ Frequency inputs
 frequency measurement up to 1 MHz (Chronos method),
 direction detection
◘ Counter input
 up/down counter, quadrature counter with reference zero recognition,
 up to 1 MHz
◘ PWM inputs
 measurement of duty cycle and frequency, output with variable
 frequency and/or duty cycle
◘ Galvanic isolation
.   Terminal 1, Terminal 2, power supply and interface
.   Isolation voltage 500 VDC

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