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Tracing of calibration stations Serie Dm-TS

Tracing of calibration stations Serie Dm-TS

Meetbereik: 2Nm – 3000Nm
Klasse 0.1 en 0.2 

Serie Dm-TS

Meetbereik: 2Nm, 5Nm, 10Nm, 20Nm, 25Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm, 200Nm, 500Nm, 1000Nm, 2000Nm en 3000Nm
Klasse 0.1, 0.2

Torque transducers for applications, where a transverseforce acts on a lever. The transfer wrenches on the Dm-TS series are used for tracing the machines used for calibrating indicator torque wrenches and triggering torque wrenches. The use of the transfer wrenches for tracing is necessary due to the introduced transverse forces.

Torque Transducers Serie DM-TS

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