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Touch screens EnodTouch-MS / ML

Touch screens EnodTouch-MS / ML

4,3″ en 5,7″ kleuren LCD

Kenmerken eNodTouch-MS / ML
Multi-channel Touch screen for eNod4-T/C/D controllers
Color LCD screen, resistive Touch panel
Display 3"5, 70x53mm (M version) or 5"7, 115x86mm (ML version)
Manage and display of 1 to 6 eNod4 network
Simultaneous display of connected eNod4
Display of measurement and result values of one selected eNod
Control of Transmitter, Checkweigher and Dosing applications
Complete eNod4 configuration and calibration
Simultaneous operation with eNod4 PLC link
RS485 communication port, MODBUS-RTU

Datasheet HMI eNodTouch-MS meerkanaals 4,3"

Datasheet HMI eNodTouch-ML meerkanaals 5,7"

User manuals Enod touch-M / ML

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