Torque Transducer Display Model 6400

Torque Transducer Display Model 6400

Type: 6400
Voor gebruik in combinatie met Magtrol TM / TMHS / TMB In-Line Torque Transducers

Pass/Fail Testing for torque, speed and auxiliary input
BITE: Built-In Test Equipment
RS-232 & IEEE-488 Interfaces
High Speed Data Acquisition: 100 torque and speed readings per second via IEEE bus
Easy-to-Read Vacuum Fluorescent Readout: Displays torque, speed, power and direction of rotation
Torque Measurement Options: Standard English, metric and SI settings
Overload Indication
Tare Function Internal
Data Storage: Up to 100 data points
Includes Magtrol Torque 7 Software

Datasheet 6400

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