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Q.bloxx EC A123

Q.bloxx EC A123

EtherCAT High Isolation Module for Voltages Q.bloxx EC A123

EtherCAT High Isolation Module for Voltages Q.bloxx EC A123

The product line Q.series-EC has been designed for demanding measurements found in todays most industrial measuring and testing environments. The range and flexibility of the modules allows an optimized solution for each single task.

Data exchange with the automation level takes place via EtherCAT interface.

EtherCAT is a real-time Ethernet interface with an IEC-Standard IEC61158 open protocol.

In measurement and automation technology it is suited for accurate hard and soft real-time requirements. Short cycle times (≤100 µs) and low Jitter for accurate synchronization (≤1 µs) are features of the interface.

Most important features:

◘ 4 high galvanic isolated Input channels
    differential voltage, current via shunt connector,
 isolation voltage 1200 VDC permanent
◘ 3 measuring ranges selectable each channel
    ±10 V, ±1 V, ±100 mV
◘ Fast high accuracy digitalization
    24 bit ADC, 100 kHz sample rate per channel
◘ DC (Distributed Clock) for data synchronization (ETG.1020.0)
◘ FoE (File access over EtherCAT)
    according to ETG.1000.5
◘ CoE (CAN over EtherCAT)
    according to Modular Device Profile (ETG.5001.1)
◘ XFC technology for oversampling
    oscilloscope function, cycle times 1ms up to 0.1 ms,
.   oversampling ≤100
◘ Configurable PDO Mapping
    to optimize the data throughput
◘ Module configuration via SDO or FoE and alternative via
    configuration software ICP100
◘ Galvanic isolation
    channel to channel to power supply to interface
.   isolation voltage 1200 VDC/858 VACrms permanent
.   test voltage 5 kVDC over 1 minute
◘ Electromagnetic compatibility
    according to EN 61000-4 and EN 55011
◘ Categories
    1000 V CAT II and 600 V CAT III


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